Current Exhibition


June 15 – 18 June 2023
ART BASEL, Art Fair Airporthall, Switzerland
10:00 am – 11:00 pm


The ART FAIR BASEL will take place from 15 – 18 June 2023. The Gallery will be part of this exclusive Art Fair in the Airporthall Basel.


I live my life with all its ups and downs, with its light and dark sides – passionately and sometimes excessively.
A painted flower is not a flower, just as a painted human cannot be human. It’s color on a background. Nothing more and the colors and shapes evoke memories in the viewer. That’s all well and good. Anyway, it wasn’t enough for me.
In 30 years, not very many were created – but some particularly beautiful and interesting pictures. I wrote more poems and the chronicle was also written at this time. I realized how I could use painting to compensate for the severe blows of fate that hit me at the age of 52, and in retrospect I claim that it saved my life. So I’m grateful for this gift, which didn’t make me a Dürer or Picasso, but enabled me to give some of my pictures something of myself to take with them.


Sylvia Gatz’s paintings evoke associations with expressionist painting by Gabriele Münter, Paula Modersohn-Becker or Der Blaue Reiter. At the same time, the painter always remains authentic in her impasto and spatula-applied painting style. Sylvia Gatz does not allow herself to be forced into academic norms or classical rules. Socio-political as well as sociological aspects always flow into her human-looking “animal portraits” with a certain wink.


Grooves and driving rhythms inspire Mats Kade’s creative process. His paintings correspond strongly with the unconscious and enter into dialogue with the viewer. While he primarily paints meditatively during the day, he creates excessive abstract works at night.

The painter works with many technically divergent layers. An interplay of free, uncontrolled movement and phases of reduction and control characterises his painting style.

Mats Kade lives and works in Dresden, Germany.

Clemens Voigt "Cerf volant" (2021). Wooden sculpture. Wild wood. Pine tree roots. 38 x 25 x 12 cm


“Carving a sculpture is like a love story.”

Wood Artist Clemens Voigt is a true storyteller of wild wood found in the forest and transformed into magnificent wooden sculptures. Layer by layer he exposes the finest structures, carving, sanding and polishing until they come to life. Clemens is reading wood like a book. Layer by layer – page by page – the forest tells his own story.

After travelling the world, the multi-talented artist founded a musical instrument trading company. He is also head and organiser of the international Ancient Trance Festival. For him, wood carving is a balance between music world and being a Outdoorsman. Clemens Voigt lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

Andreja Soleil. Gold Sand (2022). Plein air Balitc Sea. Acrylic, charcoal and baltic ink on canvas. 30 x 30 cm


Andreja Soleil is particularly moved by the constantly changing dynamics of the ocean. She has found her personal place of strength in this maritime landscape. Nature always paints along with her. Her neo-impressionist painting style lives strongly from waves, spray and the sea.

Landscapes of a completely different kind can be found on the artist’s large-format canvases, which are created in her studio. Fairy tales and myths have accompanied her since early childhood. Woven materials in which the boundaries of reality, dream and fiction blur, overlap, unite – Other Worlds.

Andreja Soleil lives and works in Leipzig, Baltic Sea, Germany and Mallorca, Spain.