• Reinhard Stammer

    The artist’s paintings seems to form a direct stream from his subconscious. The viewer must quietly decode a multitude of symbols, picture signs, thoughts, feelings, memories.


Reinhard Stammer was born on July 25th 1952 in Glücksburg close to the Baltic Sea. Painting and drawing have always been his passions. At the age of 17 he gave his first exhibition. The times were turbulent and very political. The late 1960s was a time of revolutions and change, and for many people experimenting with mind-altering drugs was a part of the rebellion. more

Reinhard Stammer became heavily addicted to drugs and as a consequence he was as an 18 year old sentenced to a year behind bars. When released he tried to find an outlet for his dissatisfaction with social conditions by joining the Communist League in West Germany. This also gave him a chance to develop his art, designing propaganda posters. Reinhard Stammer’s life was never straightforward. It’s probably what makes it possible for him to do profound paintings, he says.

At 33 he founded a publishing house called P.A.R.C.-Verlag. The focus of this company was to reproduce car race posters. He was the only one worldwide, who got the licenses of VW, Porsche, Audi and BMW to reproduce their old race posters. Those posters where distributed all over the world and in the factory museums too.

In 2006 he had to sell due to a very serious illness that almost killed him. All those experiences left him with a strong determination to live for his art, and he went into a creative frenzy. In the meantime he found a lot of answers that worked inside of him, since he was a child. First Buddhism and then the Advaita Philosphy, teached by Ramesh Balsekar in Mumbai, were some of the triggers of his current artwork.

The sale of his company made huge losses and he had to start new with 56. He went to Mallorca for two years. There he wanted to proceed with his artists career. One exhibition followed the other. Mr. Stammer did not take the academic or intellectual way. The paintings that were on display at the SPACE gallery in London were the results, as he himself puts it, of “having walked the rocky road of life”. There are also some worldwide exhibitions with some other famous painters from different countries. Since 2021, Reinhard Stammer lives and works in Sineu, Mallorca, Spain.

Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Sineu, Mallorca, Spain
2018 Rodenhagen, Germany
2017 Galerie 149 Bremerhaven, Germany
2017 Burg Dithmarschen, Germany
2015 Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, Germany
2015 Moca Museum of contemporary art Beijing, China
2014 1462 Contemporaryart Gallery Izmir, Turkey
2014 Exhibitions in Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai, India
2013 SPACE gallery, London, UK
2008 Major exhibition, Mallorca, Spain

Group Exhibitions

2023 ART BASEL, Switzerland
2018 Artmuc Munich, Germany
2016 Rom and Ravenna, Italy
2016 Kölner Liste
2016 SCOPE New York, USA
2015 Global exhibition series entitled “The Voynich Project” by Ron Weijers
2015 Art Fair Kölner Liste, Germany
2014 Art Fair “Berliner Liste, Germany
2014 Borey Artcenter in St. Petersburg, Russia

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  • Reinhard Stammer

I live my life  with all its ups and downs, with its light and dark sides – passionately and sometimes excessively.
A painted flower is not a flower, just as a painted human cannot be human. It’s color on a background. Nothing more and the colors and shapes evoke memories in the viewer. That’s all well and good. Anyway, it wasn’t enough for me.
In 30 years, not very many were created – but some particularly beautiful and interesting pictures. I wrote more poems and the chronicle was also written at this time. I realized how I could use painting to compensate for the severe blows of fate that hit me at the age of 52, and in retrospect I claim that it saved my life. So I’m grateful for this gift, which didn’t make me a Dürer or Picasso, but enabled me to give some of my pictures something of myself to take with them.