Current Exhibition

High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023

July 29 – July 30 2023
Lloret De Vista Alegre, Islas Baleares, Spain
Sat 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

  • Reinhard Stammer

  • Ricardo Gago

  • Andreja Soleil

  • Gisela Hammer

  • Christian Awe

  • Elena Gatti

  • Llorenç Garrit

  • Nobert Jäger

High Noon – an extraordinary gathering of artists under the hot sun of Mallorca

In the midst of the intense heat of summer, the art scene of Mallorca, is illuminated by the upcoming exhibition “High Noon”. The title refers to the scorching sun and the brave who dare to visit an art exhibition under these circumstances.

The cover picture of the exhibition, painted by Reinhard Stammer, already gives a first insight into the uniqueness of this open air experience. The intention of this event is to present great art under special circumstances. With “High Noon” it was possible to show the art of well-known artists from Mallorca, as well as artists whose center of life is not on the island, in a joint exhibition.

The exhibition “High Noon” represents an impressive collection of about 100 works of art. The works span a variety of media and techniques, including fascinating stone sculpture and stunning oil and acrylic paintings. The artworks reflect the diversity of messages and emotions of the participating artists. Highly renowned artists who have a long history of exhibiting have been invited.

“High Noon” is a remarkable collaborative project. The project offers visitors the opportunity to experience fascinating artists up close and discover new artistic perspectives in the open air.

The exhibition will be held on 29 and 30 July 2023 at the beautiful cultural finca Son Bauló in Lloret de Vistalegre. This finca has enriched the cultural activities in Mallorca for decades. The opening speech will be given by Will Kaufmann, owner of the cultural finca.



Reinhard Stammer Painter High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


The bold works of Reinhard Stammer seems to form a direct stream from his subconscious mind to the canvas surface. The viewer must quietly decode a multitude of symbols, feelings and memories.

“A painted flower is not a flower, just as a painted human cannot be human. It’s color on a background. Nothing more and the colors and shapes evoke memories in the viewer. So I’m grateful for this gift, which didn’t make me a Dürer or Picasso, but enabled me to give some of my pictures something of myself to take with them.”

Painter Andreja Soleil

Andreja Soleil is particularly moved by the constantly changing dynamics of the ocean. Her painting style lives strongly from waves, spray and the sea. She has found her personal place of strength in this maritime landscape.

“I love the wildness of the sea. Often there are only a few moments to capture the sea in its vividness. Lashing rain and Baltic sand are as much a part of my toolkit as brushes and colors.”

Andreja lives and works in Leipzig, Baltic Sea, Germany and Mallorca, Spain.

Elena Gatti Painter High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


Elena Gatti is an Argentinian painter who lives in Mallorca. Gatti’s work is characterized by her use of warm colors and fine brushstrokes, and her subjects often include women, flowers, and landscapes. Her paintings are notable for their emotional intensity and poetic qualities, as well as their incorporation of elements of still-life and realism.

“El clima Mediterraneo, la luz, la libertad son las mejores condiciones para concentrarme en mi arte.”

Christian Awe Painter High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


Whether in exhibitions or as oversized murals in Tokyo, Miami, Frankfurt or Palma de Mallorca – the works of the artist Christian Awe fascinate with their radiance and vitality.

With an emotionally charged use of color and an artistic play of light and shadow, he appeals to the senses and creates a moment of freedom, inspiration and joie de vivre for the viewer. Awe’s works lead us into a cosmos of color and light; they invite us to see and feel something new again and again.

Besides Berlin, Christian Awe has found a second home for his artistic work on Mallorca.

Gisela Hammer PainterHigh Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


Gisela Hammer is a German artist with a clear moral message. Her expressionist visual language is authentic and unmistakable, the use of her colors confident, characterized by strong ductus, which is expressed in her abstracted imagery.

Llorenç Garrit Painter High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


Llorenç Garrit is a masterful artist with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity. His work is a beautiful fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, and his use of vibrant colors and intricate textures is truly breathtaking.

“Con un gran sentido para la medida, las pinturas de Garrit se distinguen por ser armónicas y proporcionadas, por secundarse en el uso del dibujo y en la exacerbación del color.”

Norbert Jäger High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


“Lost are things that have no room for thought leave for feelings.
The opposites in my sculptures combine, because they communicate with each other.
Therefore, my works call for debate, ask questions and don’t give definitive answers.”

Painter Ricardo Gago High Noon Exhibition Mallorca 2023


Ricardo Gago puede describirse con confianza como una leyenda artista viva de Mallorca. Sus pinturas y esculturas, que se crean en Sineu, reflejan la vida de esta maravillosa isla de una manera única.


Reinhard Stammer, decultural, MAONKI ART Gallery, Son Bauló