Current Exhibition

Miami Art Week 2023

December 6 – December 10 2023
Mana Convention Center Wynwood Miami
318 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, USA
Wed – Sun 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Mats Kade

  • Andreja Soleil

  • Caropour

  • Clemens Voigt

Miami Art Week 2023: Where Creativity Ignites

Get ready for an extraordinary gathering of artistic brilliance at the sizzling hotspot of Miami! Miami Art Week 2023 is set to be a dazzling showcase, bringing together a constellation of artists, visionaries, and art enthusiasts from around the globe.

From avant-garde exhibitions to groundbreaking installations, Miami Art Week is the canvas where innovation meets tradition. Expect to be captivated by the diverse interpretations of contemporary art that push boundaries and redefine the artistic landscape.


Mats Kade "Natural Algorithms", 2023. Oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm (2023)


Grooves and driving rhythms inspire Mats Kade’s creative process. His paintings correspond strongly with the unconscious and enter into dialogue with the viewer. While he primarily paints meditatively during the day, he creates excessive abstract works at night.

The painter works with many technically divergent layers. An interplay of free, uncontrolled movement and phases of reduction and control characterises his painting style.

Mats Kade lives and works in Dresden, Germany.

Andreja Soleil "Talisman. Detail. " (2021). Mixed Media. Acrylic, ink and charcoal on canvas.

Andreja Soleil is particularly moved by the constantly changing dynamics of the ocean along the Fischland-Darß peninsula. She has found her personal place of strength in this Baltic landscape. Nature always paints along with her. Her neo-impressionist painting style lives strongly from waves, spray and the sea.

Landscapes of a completely different kind can be found on the artist’s large-format canvases, which are created in her studio. Fairy tales and myths have accompanied her since early childhood. Woven materials in which the boundaries of reality, dream and fiction blur, overlap, unite – Other Worlds.

Andreja Soleil lives and works in Leipzig, Germany and Mallorca, Spain.

Caropour "Savannah" (2022) Embelished Landscape Pouring. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 50 x 5 cm

Caropour is a remarkable self-taught artist. After several years of experimenting with different casting techniques, she began to develop her own technique – a unique combination of abstract and figurative painting. Her motifs are real and surreal landscapes of the earth. They are intended to fascinate and inspire dreams.

Caropour lives and works in Dieburg, Germany. Since starting her career as an artist in 2022, the painter has taken part in several international exhibitions in a very short space of time. Her rapidly growing fame on Instagram has attracted the interest of galleries in Germany, Italy and the United States.

Clemens Voigt. Lady (2020). Wild wood sculpture. 166 x 25 x 15 cm


“Carving a sculpture is like a love story.”

Wood Artist Clemens Voigt is a true storyteller of wild wood found in the forest and transformed into magnificent wooden sculptures. Layer by layer he exposes the finest structures, carving, sanding and polishing until they come to life. Clemens is reading wood like a book. Layer by layer – page by page – the forest tells his own story.

After travelling the world, the multi-talented artist founded a musical instrument trading company. He is also head and organiser of the international Ancient Trance Festival. For him, wood carving is a balance between music world and being a Outdoorsman. Clemens Voigt lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


MAONKI ART Gallery, Miami Art Week