Sophie de la Vaissière is a visionary artist whose work transcends the boundaries of conventional understanding. Born with an insatiable curiosity for the depths of human essence, she seeks to capture the ineffable beauty that eludes mere words and concepts. In her pursuit, she delves into the realms of literature, art, and music, recognizing their potential to evoke the essence of being. more

Unsatisfied with the explanations provided by natural sciences, philosophy, or medicine, Sophie turns to a different avenue of exploration—the direct experience of the senses and the body. She believes that the mind, with all its limitations, cannot fully comprehend the profound magic inherent in human existence. Instead, she trusts the purity and immediacy of sensory perception to guide her artistic expression.

With a gaze untainted by preconceptions, Sophie approaches her subjects with reverence and awe. Her hand moves across the canvas or paper with instinctual grace, translating the colors and forms of her subjects into tangible manifestations of their essence. Each stroke, each mark, is a testament to her deep connection with the mysteries of being.

Through her art, Sophie seeks not to explain or define the beauty of humanity, but to evoke it in its purest form. Her works invite viewers to experience a glimpse of the sublime, a fleeting moment of recognition that transcends the limitations of language and understanding. In her creations, she captures the elusive magic of existence, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and captivate those who dare to contemplate the depths of human being.


Sophie de La Vaissière


2024 Exhibition in Le Verre à Pied, Paris, France
2016 Exhibition in Le Verre à Pied, Paris, France
2015 Exhibition in Schwarzes Cafe, Berlin, Germany
2014 Exhibition with the inthinerant gallery Salon Rouge, Paris, France
2013 Part of an exhibition in Gallery Guyen, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Exhibition in Vive La Vie, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Exhibition in Le Verre à Pied, Paris, France


“Literature, art and music, human creations can express the magic of the essence of the human being, but I have not found any explanation for this, neither in the natural sciences, philosophy nor in medicine.” – Sophie de la Vaissières